• Laughing Buddah Hot Yoga (map)
  • 943 Kings Hwy, Unit 200
  • West Deptford, NJ

Using techniques from yoga, gymnastics, capoeira and circus arts, this class will help in building a technical foundation for hand-balancing (including handstands and other inversions). After working with breathing techniques to better gain an understanding and control over the various systems of the body, we will begin to delve deeper into posture: dealing with subjects such as wrist preparation, handstand body-line/core and system integration, shoulder mobility, proprioceptive and strength imbalances.

While hand-balancing may at first seem like a more advanced skill than other asana/postural work, using it as a framework may allow students to move past sticking points in many other postures/movements

While you do not need a previous handstand practice it is recommended that you be able to hold a 30 second plank on hands or forearms before taking this class.


$35 pre-registration (sign-up before 4/1)

$45 (sign-up after 4/1)