Liberation Through Movement: Teacher Training w/Emile Sorger and Noah Julian

Liberation Through Movement: Teacher Training w/Emile Sorger and Noah Julian

This training will use yoga as a foundation to expose you to a variety of styles of movement and approaches to teaching. Built into the training are two underlying intentions, the first is to understand the process by which movement is transmitted from teacher to student and the second is to develop a personal practice that is intelligent, multi-disciplinary and integral to the work of living and sharing yoga, movement and an overall healthy life. Much of our time will be spent going over pragmatic approaches for communicating within a student teacher relationship. The methodologies covered will range from traditional yoga postures and sequencing to martial arts, dance, gymnastics, circus arts, therapeutic body work and outdoor natural movement. Students will be asked to push themselves physically and mentally as well as to reflect upon and study their own experiences with the material; observing what techniques work well, which don’t, and developing a personal understanding for the process of learning. As these approaches are taught there will also be opportunities provided to record the similarities in modalities, the underlying intention behind each one and space in order to begin the creative process of crafting a multidisciplinary personal practice. Students will be exposed to teachers with years of experience crafting and refining their own practice who can help guide them through the challenges and joys of that process. By the end of the training students can expect to have the foundation of a multidisciplinary yoga teacher and a clear path of how to grow personally and professionally through practice and education.



Emile Sorger

Noah Julian




*weekends marked "core" will be only students attending the entire training, other weekends will be modules that will include other students participating "a la carte."


Training Cost:


$2,800 Early Bird, paid in full by 9/17

$3,000 Paid in full after 9/17

$3,000 Early Bird with payment plan, $1000 deposit paid by 9/17

$3,200 with payment plan, $1000 deposit required


Trainees will be required to attend 2 classes a week while in training, cost for these classes is included in tuition and trainees will also receive 50% off drop in rates for all extra classes.


Students who have been YMS Tribe Members for 2 months or more who enroll in the training will be able to forego their membership payments and attend unlimited classes.


To enroll please email:  or 


Students will be asked to write a 150+ word essay to describe their interest in joining our teacher training.  Because we are limiting the training to eight participants, we will be looking at movement background, personal and professional aspirations as well as dedication to growth through movement as significant factors in acceptance.


Dates of Training:

Starts January/2017


Iceland Retreat (w/Ari Halbert and Noah Julian)

Iceland Retreat (w/Ari Halbert and Noah Julian)


• 6 Nights accommodation double occupancy
• All breakfasts & 5 dinners  
• The Blue Lagoon Experience
• Golden Circle Tour
• South Coast Tour
• Airport Transfers
• Daily Yoga classes.


The Retreat takes place in 2 different locations, Reykjavik and the Whale fjord . We will spend the first 3 nights in the capital of the country, Reykjavik, it is not a whirlwind metropolis. Few skyscrapers grace the skyline, traffic jams are rare and faces are familiar. But don't be deceived a steady beat of energy and events keeps the city alive and pulsing with excitement. Reykjavík is a city of bold contrasts: it is both cosmopolitan and small-town; vibrant and sophisticated; young-at-heart and yet full of history.

Many monuments, new and old, are also worth a peek, including the newly built oceanfront music and conference center, Harpa. Luckily, everything in Reykjavík is close by, and the city is perhaps best explored by foot or bike. For the last part of the retreat we will stay in the countryside, surrounded by nature overlooking the stunning 'Hvalfjordur' ('Whale Fjord') it is a great place from which to view the aurora/northern lights. From there it is easy to explore Iceland’s numerous waterfalls, glaciers, geothermals and geology.




Ari Halbert

Incorporating traditional elements of both Astanga and Iyengar yoga, Ari’s classes promote precision and efficiency of movement, and demand a willingness to examine and redefine one’s own habitual movement patterns.  Each class makes evident Ari’s passion for physical expression as a gateway to access the innermost aspect of our being.  Through the grace of the movements of the physical body, it is his hope that each student can imbue the same sense of grace and peace within.  In the spirit of old hermetic adage: As above, so below; as within, so without.


Noah Julian

Noah’s teaching has its roots in yoga but is not bound by tradition:  Sometimes fluid, always informative. We will look at the geometric alignment of the body and the possibilities that arise in one’s movement by correcting body mechanics and introducing old and new movement patterns.  Noah’s work is informed by intense study of music, meditation, breath work, diet, and numerous movement modalities (including: Yoga-Asana, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, various martial arts, Ballet, and WeightLifting). Noah has worked closely with yoga teachers of various styles (Katonah, Prana Flow, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, Acro-Yoga), spanning well over a decade.  Having experienced severe rheumatism and a full recovery from the debilitating disease he also brings first hand knowledge of moving through physical and mental challenges.

Noah ( is the cofounder (with Emile Sorger) of Philly's most talked about new studio The Yoga & Movement Sanctuary!

$3365 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL before May 31st 2018- $3665 thereafter