In this training students will be exposed to a variety of styles of movement and approaches to teaching. Built into the training are two underlying intentions, the first is to understand the process by which movement is transmitted from teacher to student and the second is to develop a personal practice that is intelligent, multi-disciplinary and integral to the work of living and sharing yoga, movement and an overall healthy life. Much of our time will be spent going over pragmatic approaches for communicating within a student teacher relationship. The methodologies covered will range from traditional yoga postures and sequencing to martial arts, dance, gymnastics, circus arts, therapeutic body work and outdoor natural movement. Students will be asked to push themselves physically and mentally as well as to reflect upon and study their own experiences with the material; observing what techniques work well, which don’t, and developing a personal understanding for the process of learning. As these approaches are taught there will also be opportunities provided to record the similarities in modalities, the underlying intention behind each one and space in order to begin the creative process of crafting a multidisciplinary personal practice. Students will be exposed to teachers with years of experience crafting and refining their own practice who can help guide them through the challenges and joys of that process. By the end of the training students can expect to have the foundation of a multidisciplinary yoga teacher and a clear path of how to grow personally and professionally through practice and education.

Dates of Training:

Dates with a * can also be attended "a la carte" as a training module.


10/1 + 10/2 w/Noah and Emile at Yoga Camp (Cabin, Damascus PA)

10/22 + 10/23 w/Lily Kind *


11/5 + 11/6 w/Ari Halbert *

11/19 + 11/20 w/Noah and Emile


12/3 + 12/4 w/Noah and Emile at Yoga Camp


1/7 + 1/8 w/Johnathan Raiss *

1/21 + 1/22 w/Noah and Emile *


2/4 + 2/5 w/Noah and Emile *

2/18 + 2/19 w/Noah and Emile *


3/4 + 3/5 w/Noah and Emile

3/25 & 3/26 w/YMS Teachers for Graduation

Paid in Full by 9/17: $2,800

Paid in Full after 9/17: $3,000

Payment Plan ($440 per month with $800 deposit by 9/17): $3,000

Payment Plan ($440 per month with $1000 deposit after 9/17): $3,200

A La Carte Training Module: $300 early bird, $350 regular

A limited amount of merit and work exchange scholarships are available, email for more information.