Autumn is the time to fall into one’s own grace. The time of external expansiveness having passed, we are now ready to reflect upon the new ideas birthed and flourished through the spring and summer months and go deeper into our own experience. In Chinese medicine, autumn is associated with metal and the lungs. We will explore the power of breath in transitioning through the darker half of the year, as we move past the autumnal equinox and approach the solstice.  With particular attention paid to the ribcage and shoulder girdle, our daily movement practices will center around letting go, and making room for new experiences of growth to take place. Finding inspiration and tuning in to the energy of the season will be made possible by hiking the mountain trails and opening the senses to the beauty of the season. Taking in the colors and aromas will help us to harmonize with the season in our practice and, most importantly, throughout our lives.



Join Noah Julian and Ari Halbert for a weekend escape in the Catskill Mountains this fall at the Menla Mountain Retreat Center.  Set on a 325-acre private nature reserve in Phoenicia New York, Menla is an easy drive from both New York City and Philadelphia. It is situated in a region of the Catskills renowned for its unspoiled beauty, variety of wildlife, abundance of rushing streams and rivers, and ancient densely forested mountains. The retreat will included group hikes along Menla’s walking trails, daily yoga classes, delicious vegetarian meals, and morning pranayama and meditation. Rooms start at $445 and an option for camping is available with a supplied cot for $330.  See details below!  



When: October 14th-16th


Where: Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenicia New York

Housing Options:

$335: Either dormitory with supplied cot/air mattress or outdoor camping

$445: Standard Accommodations–shared room; twin bed or queen for couples; shared bath

$555: Deluxe Accommodations–shared room; twin bed or queen for couples

$665 Deluxe Private Accommodations–Private room with queen bed

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