I’ve been enjoying pondering the “rapid fire” questions on Erick Godsey asks to close his podcast “The Myth’s That Make Us” and decided to enjoy my preference of slow paced environments to answer them while being publicly vulnerable behind the protection of flowery verbiage:


Life Philosophy:

Observe the forest, see the trees.


Who Are You?:

I am an amalgamation of all the data I have taken in, including programming and software updates that allow me to rewrite code and delete useless information.

I like matter I perceive as beautiful and believe I honor and respect those I come in contact with.

Visit www.noahmoves.com/blog/2019/5/26/who-are-you for a longer philosophical musing/blog on this question


What are you most afraid of:

Abandonment, isolation and loss of autonomy 


What is your most persistent problem:

Not being my own advocate and feeling paralyzed by an inability to change a situation that doesn’t work for me


More Street Smart or Analytic?

Fair balance of both


Do you prefer fast or slow paced environments:



Rule follower or Risk taker:

Somewhere in the middle. I take risks when I have a strong stance against the rule and follow them when the risk feels to high in taking a stand.


Is your need for control low, medium or high?

I would say it is low, but ultimately that is only in the very short term. If I sense that I lack control I have a tendency to disassociate and move through tasks with a robot like methodology in a state of waking relaxed catatonia. 

Are you more intellectually or physically competitive?

I would tend to say neither externally but both equally internally. A lack of personal development and growth can lead to my feeling a sense of being lost.


Are you more critical of yourself or others?

Until very recently I would have said myself beyond any comparison, but I’m beginning to see my own shadow as well as my light in others and while I am still working up the courage to give voice to it, a balance is being sought.


Pressure comes from?

Mass and gravity create pressure as does the importance of a thing, the magnitude and the time in which it must be handled. 


Pressure feels like in the body?

Tension (mostly in the chest, difficulty finding breath)


In my tribe I am (King/Queen, warrior, magician, lover):



It all comes down to:

Being awake, even when you are sleeping


Success is:

Following one’s “will”

Ideas such as Aleister Crowley’s “do what though wilt” to speak of someone’s essentially Divine Purpose.

Or the colloquial use of the word “willpower” to denote something superhuman. The achievement of a belief rather than a previously observed capability.


Love is:

Recognizing a divine purpose in others around you and allowing that understanding to influence your personal trajectory.

My Vision:

To be surrounded by abundance and choose to take less.


I am:

Is a similar statement to “I will”

It is regarding the present moment and not a reference to previous versions of “my” self. When one says “I will be there” they are essentially deciding to be there. Will can be seen as “am”. In that moment I “am” there. 

Whatever limited qualifier I might add after the “I am” actually can’t ever be the thing. It would be more accurate to say I am: “not that” than to say I am “this”


My purpose:

I don’t believe in purpose, but I do believe in matter. So I have to say my purpose is to matter. To exist in a way that looks and feels purposeful to others. To matter to them and to myself.


The most defining moment of my life:

Birth, death (all of them, the little one’s and the final one) and now


You know you are going to die in 24 hours, peacefully in your sleep. How do you want to spend that last day and who do you want to spend it with?

Largely myself and in my body. It would look a lot like an ideal day off looks for me now.

I’d want to wake up next to a lover and be embodied together. Sit and meditate, enjoy some coffee and cannabis, listen to music and skim some philosophical thought. Go to the park to practice some movement, take a break to journal for a bit. Afternoon sex. A late lunch with family and friends, probably go for a walk in the woods or by the ocean (whichever is accessible). Watch the sunset and sit by a fire with some of my dearest. Retire to do some yoga and meditation and pass peacefully on the floor in savasana.


You can leave a note to the youngest generation of your family (great grand nephew/niece):

You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine and the you that will sculpt the reality you imagine is going to die... So build/be something you and others can appreciate.