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  • 2623 West Girard Avenue
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19130
  • United States

Deeply exploring and expanding upon a great or whole practice. During this five day long intensive you will explore what it is to be deeply immersed in a physical practice. Using movement (to expand upon asana) as a catalyst for creating a 24 hour a day wholistic lifestyle of mindfulness, we will begin our days with breathing and meditation practices, giving birth to an extensive movement practice, using the movement training styles of instructors Emile Sorger and Noah Julian. Experience what it is to move deeply and be deeply moved by and through practical practice methodology.

8 AM - 8 PM Monday through Friday (with Lunch and Rest Periods)

Monday - "The Integrated Body" with Emile

What does it mean to be well integrated? On a personal level the principle of integration relates to balance between different elements of life. Within our movement practice, integration refers to the successful synchronization of all parts of the body resulting in a harmony that promotes not only beauty but also ease and joy. During the first day of training we will study several postures and patterns including but not limited to handstand, squat, bridge/upward bow, jumping and pressing into inversions. Through studying and learning these skills we will discover techniques for synchronizing and harmonizing the seemingly separate parts (upper/lower, front/back) that constitute our body.

Tuesday - "Pushing and Pulling: Building a Versatile and Well Functioning Shoulder Girdle" with Noah

With the shoulder girdle being largely responsible for our expression of creative movement in the body. We will explore what it takes for an individual to have the request strength capabilities for the upper body to handle the basic demands of most movement disciplines. This proficiency has the benefit of allowing one to more effectively move past the beginner stage quicker when crossing into new movement disciplines.

Wednesday - "Levers" with Noah Julian

How to keep the system better integrated to allow for one’s pushing, pulling, hand-balancing and locomoting to be expressed to its fullest of extension!

We will explore how simple changes of angle, force the body to respond with a greater force output. Using idea’s introduced on Tuesday we will expand into territory that could allow one the knowledge to continue building and sustaining the strength needed for above the basic demands of their body throughout their lifetime.

Thursday - "Naturally Dynamic" with Emile

We were born to move in nature and it is both a joy and an evolutionary necessity. When learning to interact dynamically with the natural world we confront challenge and exuberance that simply does not exist in the gym or the studio. Too often do those indoor practices become stunted by the parameters into which we try to fit such as reps, sets, targets etc... What about a practice that celebrates our innate physical power and playfulness, that takes us out of our heads and puts us back into the environment that crafted us as humans into the most interesting and diverse movers on the planet. Expect to climb, run, jump, roll and tussle. 

Friday - "Adventure, Adaptation and Awareness" with Noah and Emile

Our final day will include a morning of dynamic practice, a trip to the beach and a chance to celebrate the naturally occurring splendor of a yoga and movement centered lifestyle.  

* each day will include a recovery and rehab period designed specifically to alleviate stresses placed on the body during that session

Early Bird Price (Before 6/30): $1,000.00
Full Price: $1,200.00