In the spirit of Dharma Mittra's "Maha Sadhana” and united with education from my teachers at Katonah Yoga:
We will engage with depth of breathing, breadth of movement and the place where they meet in meditation (both moving and seated). Our movement practice will be in the style of creative vinyasa flow, with limited pause, to relish in the experience of this asana style dance.
With celebrations of the Equinox we will look to practices that engage with the element of Metal, and how that is understood in the body through the organs of the lungs and large intestine. Expect a focus on practices of elimination, in the form of associated pranayama and asanas such as deep twists.

Investment: $25 and $20 to existing YMS Tribe members
(if you can’t afford the requested price and still want to attend, work exchange can be made available upon request)

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