• West Chester University: Sykes Student Union (map)
  • 110 West Rosedale Avenue
  • West Chester, PA, 19383
  • United States

Movement Integration: “Introduction of The Flow State” When one moves, they often long for the euphoric feeling of losing time and becoming one with a practice. In this class we will set the foundation for moving and transitioning from movements with ease and efficiency to set the foundation for moving in flow. With the three “I’s” of movement being Isolation, Integration and Improvisation, we will explore how static postures, once cultivated can flourish in connecting one artfully to another. Throughout the class we will address the imperfections in posture that effect moving from isolation into integration , and introduce the ideas that will one day give birth to improvisation in one’s own practice.

This class is ideal for both the flow practitioner who looks for more efficiency in their movement, and also the technician who is looking to add a creative edge for a lifetime of exploration.

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