IMI: Individualized Movement Improvement

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IMI: Individualized Movement Improvement

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Helping beginners become comfortable in an all levels class. 

Fostering growth toward new levels of Kinesthetic Awareness

Breaking habits and patterns contributing to pain and movement disfunction

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Why one commits to privates:

Group classes provide immense sense of community and learning and exchange that is only possible while working among others toward similar goals. The limitation in almost all group classes however is structuring individual goals, assessing personal sticking points and limitations all while looking at distinct levels and learning styles. It is in these sessions that we will be able to help the beginner feel comfortable in an all levels class; Allow the beginner to foster the change to an intermediate mover or to stimulate the growth of an intermediate mover into an advanced student.

What these sessions consist of:

Using a variety of techniques cultivated from various forms of movement and yoga we will help guide your body to it's optimal condition. Sessions will often commence with breath work, meditative techniques to help release unnecessary tension and focus the mind on the task at hand.

At various times I will manually manipulate tissue and structure as a means to release tension that arises through our work and help you find your most beneficial posture. Full range of motion and thus the flexibility that good mobility requires will be a large part of our work. Where strength is lacking we will look to build a proper foundation, mostly using bodyweight exercises with a combination of static holds and more repetitive movements to gain muscular as well as tendon and ligament strength. These private sessions will be devised with any specific needs/injuries in mind at all times.

Additional Content*:

Whether your goal is to improve your body’s functionality, mental focus and overall health or to attain more specific goals such as a handstand or pull-up on the road to well-being, home assignments are an essential piece to that process. In the past I’ve offered separate options for students, but in recognizing the undeniable progress for those who practice home-assignments I’ve decided to make this a part of all package purchases*

We will look at the number of days you personally and reliably can commit to outside of our meeting or attending any group classes and design a program around that schedule. First looking to build good practice habits and in time perhaps looking to increase frequency as one feels inspired and understands the possibility of multi-tasking movement into a busy lifestyle.


*Additional Content is in packages only (5 and 10 purchases). Single sessions, will not have time to focus on home assignments as there will not be a planned follow-up and thus our path to optimization will need a different allocation to time and energy.

$: Sliding scale may be available upon request.