Taoist Manimal Podcast Ep 32.5 Eva Steinmetz
Eva Steinmetz is a Philadelphia-based theater artist, administrator, waitress, babysitter, and pie-baker. Local theater collaborations include No Face Performance Group (Bastard Piece), Swim Pony (Cross Pollination Residencies), playwright Chris Davis (Anna K.), the Pig Iron Theater Company (Zero Cost House and Twelfth Night), Team Sunshine Performance Corporation (JapanAmerica Wonderwave), and Opera Philadelphia (Birdland workshop and The Alzheimer’s Project workshop). Eva received her BA in theater directing from Bard College and completed the 2-year Certificate Program at the Pig Iron School. She will be making her movie debut in Josephine Decker’s upcoming Movie No. 1. 

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Music: Black Hole by: iNFiNiEN (PS. iNFiNiEN just released a new album “Light At The Endless Tunnel” and it is bada**!)

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