Taoist Manimal Podcast Ep 29 Joe Longo and Michael Barata


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Joe Longo is a Photographer and Yoga teacher and largely known for photographing fellow Yoga Practitioners, and Michael Barata teaches Psychology, while writing and continually studying philosophy. This is Joe’s birthday celebrations. After a photoshoot we got together, got a little intoxicated and had a conversation. As it is the first tri-cast the quality is a little below my average but I hope you enjoy. If you would rather not listen to my long political rant intro skip the first 20 minutes and shortly know I said: Please become engaged in more than complaining about our situation. Sign petitions! Buy different products! Protest! Engage with others in a meaningful way.



Find Joe Longo:  www.joelongophotography.com

Find Michael Barata: www.michaelbarata.org

Find Noah Julian: www.NoahMoves.com

Find Yoga and Movement Sanctuary at www.YMSPhilly.com



Music: Black Hole by: iNFiNiEN (PS. iNFiNiEN just released a new album “Light At The Endless Tunnel” and it is bada**!)





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