Taoist Manimal Podcast Ep 24 JoeLongoPhotography
Joe Longo is a friend, photographer and yoga practitioner and teacher. 

“Joe Longo is a Philadelphia based freelance creative photographer with a focus on the Health and Wellness industry. Creative portrait work is Joe's passion creating images using natural light. Just because Joe loves natural light does not mean he won’t pull out some lights or pull his subjects into the studio to create the perfect images. Joe also has a big imagination and loves creating images that make you look twice to see what is really happening.

Joe Longo captures the light within and enjoys every moment doing it. He is an artist with a camera whose passion for beauty shines brightly through his photographs. Spontaneity, creativity, and good times best describe what Joe brings to life.”

Find Joe Longo (and links to social) at www.JoeLongoPhotography.com
Find Noah Julian at www.NoahMoves.com
Find Yoga and Movement Sanctuary at www.YMSPhilly.com

Music: Black Hole by: iNFiNiEN (PS. iNFiNiEN just released a new album “Light At The Endless Tunnel” and it is bada**!)

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