Taoist Manimal Episode 18 with Ron Wood
Recorded on November 18th, 2016 Noah Julian with Ron Wood:
Before I ever met Ron, people talked about him reverentially. When I first started exploring the idea of movement outside of a yoga-asana context, friends and colleagues would emphatically express “you have to meet Ron!”
About 6 years after first hearing about the myth, I have the great honor not only to meet Ron but to study from him and alongside him. Ron’s background, from dance to martial arts, is impressive to say the least, and it is exciting to have him teach at my studio, Yoga and Movement Sanctuary, and be a part of the path that he continues to carve out. I hope you enjoy this conversation with my friend and teacher Ron Wood.

Ron is not very active on social media but you can find him on facebook as Ron Wood.
Find Yoga and Movement Sanctuary (and links to social media) at www.YMSPhilly.com
Find Noah and links to social at www.NoahMoves.com

Music: Black Hole by: iNFiNiEN (PS. iNFiNiEN just released a new album “Light At The Endless Tunnel” and it is bada**!)

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