Photo Captures By:  Joe Longo

Photo Captures By: Joe Longo

Taoist Manimal Podcast Episode 19 with Ari Halbert

Recorded on November 19th, 2016 Noah Julian with Ari Halbert:

One of my dearest friends and most respected of colleagues. Ari is a musician, sound engineer, yoga practitioner, movement instructor, (soon to be certified) acupuncturist, deep thinker and much more. We jump subjects effortlessly and go off on crazy tangents, it may be the least structured of my podcasts so far, but it is amoung my favorite conversations. I hope you enjoy


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Music: Black Hole by: iNFiNiEN (PS. iNFiNiEN just released a new album “Light At The Endless Tunnel” and it is bada**!)

Photo Captured By: Joe Longo

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