Joe Longo is a Philadelphia based freelance creative photographer with a focus on the Health and Wellness industry. Creative portrait work is Joe's passion creating images usingnatural light. Just because Joe loves natural light does not mean he wont pull out some lights or pull his subjects into the studio to create the perfect images. Joe also has a big imagination and loves creating images that make you look twice to see what is really happening.
Joe Longo captures the light within and enjoys every moment doing it. He is an artist with a camera whose passion for beauty shines brightly through his photographs. Spontaneity, creativity, and good times best describe what Joe brings to life.
Over the years Joe has focused on the Yoga, Fitness, Health and Wellness community offering images that truly represent his clients. Joe's goal is to capture the light his clients shine into the world, capturing the true essence of his clients is Joe's main goal.
Joe has worked with everyone from up and coming individuals in the health and wellness industry to large brands helping  capture and tell their story. Joe's love for the health and wellness industry has helped bring his images to life, helping to represent his clients in their best light.
Joe’s has worked with ORIGIN Magazine, Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine, YAMA Talent, The Source Magazine, ANNE (Italian Magazine), Paste Magazine, 1000 Words Blog, Buzzgrinder, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, The Manifestation Station. BeWellPhilly, Philly Area Yoga, NamasDay Philadelphia, Wanderlust, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Bloomsburg Carpet, The Dragon Fly Cafe,
Not only dose Joe's work focus on the Health and Wellness industry, Joe is also a certified Yoga and Meditation instructor teaching weekly classes in the Philadelphia area and workshops around the country.

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