(Recorded on 07/02/15) This has been a long time coming, since I felt the need to sit with this one for a while. Technically the first episode of The Taoist Manimal Podcast as it was recorded earliest. After a rather profound experience I felt the need to sit with my mom and tell her how much she means to me and relive some of our past and work through a lot of stuff I had never said aloud to anyone. This was very emotional for me, and I know I talked a lot, it was one of the most meaningful and personal conversations I’ve ever had, and as such it is almost hard for me to listen back to - as I hear how scattered I am at times and how much I didn’t slow down to listen. Though, the theme to this one seems to be one of acceptance, and in large part accepting who and where I am right now in life, which has been a recent practice of mine. I hope you will get something out of this, the best podcasts I have been lucky enough to hear where those with or about loved ones. I hope if nothing else this inspires some of you to be more open with those closest to you.

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