Memoirs From a Burn

2019.08.23 (Departing Philadelphia)

At the center of my circumstances with a full and heavy heart. I soar through the air and notice this momentary and yet overwhelming lack of stability. Having felt love in its many forms: physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, gifts and acts of service, it feels ungrounding to fly away from the places warmth and acceptance are present.

Moved from honest expressions of love and care. Some came from expected places: students, friends, lovers, partners and parents, but it feels important to note that “expect” and “divine” are synonymous. Thus our expectations of love are to predict acts of Godliness; For what is God to a child if it is not a mother?  And how much closer can we get to peeking into the face of God than gazing into a lover’s eyes?


Curious that love should also appear in mysterious places: TSA agents and baggage assistants. Tempting to abstain from loving kindness in these interactions. How wondrous to watch a shift from annoyance to pity to empathy in these interactions as my own powerlessness is acknowledged, not as a burden but only the flow of energy. For me, considering myself a competent individual thrust into helplessness, I can only assume they are having a moment of comprehending the unity of human experience. If only temporarily we are bonded as brothers and sisters.


I have been told I will feel this kind of support and recognition at Burning Man. How fascinatingly beautiful to find it’s potential and realization in the “regular world.”